Local Heath Authorities in Morocco, have been prudent towards what was happening all over the world concerning the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), so the first case of patient tested positive for the virus, the man was a Moroccan resident in Italy and he was back in Morocco for the vacation. The man was admitted to a hospital in Casablanca, and he is now under full medical care and his situation is stable. (Watch full interview).

To face the coronavirus outbreak, Morocco has taken many measures.

The whole of Morocco has been mobilised to face the situation awaiting the country with the outbreak of  the novel virus (COVID-19). And to be part of the project, Desert Day Tours has also been concerned with the situation and has been mobilizing its staff locally to collaborate with Health Authorities in Morocco to help in any way possible.. Desert Day Tours is proactively investigating possible indirect impact of COVID-19 on our programs , therefore, we are taking all possible measure to face the situation . We considering the impact of the situation on the entirety of the institution in areas including public health, campus management, planned travel, student enrollment, and the overall well-being of the school’s community members.

We remind our staff to remain calm but informed. Please continue to observe the situation as  closely as possible and take reasonable precautions to protect your health and well-being.


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